Unsolicited customer testimonials...
"The IsoNode feet are amazing. They are one of the best - if not the best - isolation product
on the market. It is amazing that something so small can bring so much improvement in

"While talking on the phone I couldn't believe the improvement on this system!
These things are a steal...and I'm not getting any work done
since I plopped them in...good job!"

"Holy Mother $#%$%!! I recently purchased your IsoNode feet as an inexpensive effort
to kill some vibration in my tube amp office system. The vibrations are due to the amps
resting on a glass shelf. Well, I have been around the high end audio game for a long time.
I am also very cognizant of the marketing/BS hype and alleged "reviews" concerning voodoo,
black magic and other mysterious tweaks. All I can say is Holy $#$%$%!"

The audio press agrees...

Accessory of the Year
What Hi Fi magazine

Product of the Year
Enjoy The Music

Top Three
Mix Magazine & Electronic Musician magazine

Five Stars
What Hi Fi

Best of CES
Audio / Video Forum

"My favorite feet turn out to be the least expensive ones.
Bright Star Audio's IsoNodes.
Wayne Donnelly, Enjoy the Music

listed in
Holiday Gift Guide
Our customers report great results using IsoNode feet
under computer speakers and subwoofers,
under laptops (runs cooler plus better keyboard "feel")
and under external drives and CPU cases.

If you require any assistance please email


IsoNode is a registered trademark of Bright Star Audio and cannot be used without our autrhorization.

© copyright 2015 by Bright Star Audio

© copyright 2014 by Bright Star Audio
The IsoNode isolation feet provide the most
cost-effective upgrade in the industry!

The unique IsoNode polymer rejects a wide range of vibration trying to
enter from underneath the component. The highly compliant IsoNode
simultaneously acts as both a liquid and a solid for superior vibration control.

Accessory of the Year / Product of the Year / Best of CES

The IsoNode feet are made from our exclusive and proprietary high-tech polymer.
No other products use this material or perform to level of authentic IsoNode feet.

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anti-vibration feet
Best of the Year
by The Abso!ute Sound
Product of the Year
by Soundstage
Accessory of the Year
by Stereophile
Best Buy
by The Abso!ute Sound
Cream of the Crop
by TAS
Golden Note Award
by The Academy
Editor's Choice
by Fi Magazine
Component of Merit
by Bound for Sound
Recommended Components
by Stereophile & The Abso!ute Sound
awards and nominations
Five Stars
by What Hi Fi
Editor's Choice
by TAS
and many more...
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IsoNode small
3/4" x 3/8" tall
30 lbs max per set of four
Adhesive backing included
Only $14.99 per set!

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IsoNode large
1.25" x 5/8" tall
42 lbs max per set of four
Adhesive backing included
Only $24.99 per set!

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IsoNode extra large
1.75" x 3/4" tall
60 lbs max per set of four
Adhesive backing included
Only $49.99 per set!

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small - $3.99 for the first set, $2.99 for each additional set
large - $4.99 for the first set, $3.99 for each additional set
extra large - $6.99 for the first set, $4.99 for each additional set

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